We Love Bali! It’s one of the most extreme and serene destinations you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Right from teenagers to honeymooners, list of the things to do in Bali is definitely an unending one. Yes, We have traveled to Bali a lot and in this article, we will go through some of the most extreme and soothing things you can ever come across.
Can’t wait? So can’t we. Therefore, let’s move come along as we are about to unwrap some of the best ever things you can do in Bali.

Top Things to Do in Bali 2019

Whether you love to enjoy the beaches or want to have a drink or two, Bali is the one-stop destination. After a fair amount of travel experience to every location in Bali, we have compiled a list of some really cool destinations. Each destination is screened as per people’s liking and you can’t really miss any location, for sure.

1. Beaches in Bali: Pure Paradise

So what’re the best things in Bali? Well answer to this question will bring the Beaches in Bali straight into the limelight. Follow up towards the Kuta Beach where people gather together to watch the epic scene of sunset. On the way, watch kids playing football on the sands and visualize the love of couples from every possible angle. For amusement, bring a beach towel, grab a spot on the beach and dive into an immense pleasure of sunbath. Want more? Better rent a house just next to the beach and wake up with a terrific smile on your face. Even with all the things to do in Bali at night, Beach activities are the most exciting and serene ones.

2. Surf All the way in Kuta Beach

Bali is the world-famous location for surfing whereas actually learn to surf out of nothing. Catch your very first wave at Bali, fight with water and become the king of Surfing in no time. Trying will not do any harm and would give you a good reason to rent a surfboard and go on surfing, all over.

3. Visiting Monkey Forest: A Must

Hello Mr. Monkey! Be ready to face the bushy forest of monkeys which will be hunting for delicious foods. Whatever you do, don’t ever take Banana’s with you if you have ladies around you. Monkeys are extra smart and can do every possible thing to catch hold of you. Still, acting out of feat is yet another terrific thing. You can visualize the happiness of Monkeys, live an inch more and come out of the forest with a fiery look on your face.

4. Visit the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Among the best Bali temples, visiting the Ulun Beratin Temple is a must. Do we really need to tell you? The Ulun Beratan Temple is a floating temple which resides at the center of Bali. It’s 3,600 feet above the sea level and serves an exotic view of the entire Bali region. Inside the temple, you will be amazed by some artistic architecture which will leave you in a jaw-dropping situation. Compared to the beaches in Bali, the Ulun Danu Beratin Temple is definitely a better place.

5. Hike at the Mount Batur to visualize Sunrise

Set the alarm as early as possible as trekking on the Mount Batur is a divine feeling. You can start hiking several hours before the sunrise and see the glorious moment from the peak of the mountain. The wake-up call is totally worth it which will definitely increase your enthusiasm and productivity in the near future.


Since decades, Bali has been a hotspot for people of every taste. Whether a nightlife lover, family vacation or some honeymoon madness, it’s probably “THE BEST PLACE”. At last, we have given a list of different things to do in Bali and all is left up to you. Take a leap ahead, do the above things and rejoice in a never-ending fashion of eye-popping and thrilling adventure.
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